Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Physical Therapy

I went to my 1st session or evaluation for PT at Rehabilitation Associates with Heather M Walling. I had been her patient before surgery & enjoyed working with her. The session went much better than expected. I was able to straighten my knee out & got quad muscles to relax & respond better. I have more range of motion now, so I was very pleased with the outcome of that visit.Now, I have 4 pages of exercises/ stretches to do daily. I will be in PT twice a week for 10 weeks. So i hope to be walking & running by the new year.
I really HATE being LAME!! This is not my thing to lay around when there are dishes, floor & clothes to be cleaned. This morning after getting the kids off to school I actually slept till 1pm! I feel like a lazy bum. but yesterday I was very tired all day & didnt feel I guess this recovery will do what it wants with my body.


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