Friday, July 15, 2011

staying active with Knee injuries!

I recently found out with an MRI, I have a torn ACl ( injured in a Ski fall in March 2009) & major damage to my meniscus in my left knee. This is all very disheartening, in that I LOVE to RUN, workout, play fastpitch softball & umpire! this Knee injury is creating problems for these activities. I am seeking out alternatives to surgery, but it does not appear that there are any other options. I sincerly am scared of getting a hamstring graft & the price of physical therapy afterwards for 6 months!
For now I am going to PT once a week to strenghten hamstrings & get full range of motion.
After watching this ...​=iFniNyUpVKw
I am totally Nauseated, sick & grossed out about going for Knee surgery :-( I may just skip it.
This just looks too horrid... it cannot be necessary or good to drill a hole through bone & take a hamstring --​ch?v=q96M0jRqn7k&feature=r​elated

I have lived with these issues for 2&1/2 years now.. so for now I am just running on a prayer!
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