Monday, October 04, 2010

my children's birthdays 2010

Recently I have been reminded of how quickly time flies. my oldest son just turned 9 years old & my daughter just turned 7 last week-- & i am well on my way to 31 years of age.. I am so proud of the people they have become -- frustrated at times too because i see myself in them or the same struggles they will go through that i did & I fear they may respond simuliarly as I did. The most interesting thing to watch as a parent is watching a small infant gradually over the years develop into their own person, with their own thoughts, opinions, and personalities and the most interesting part of the entire process how it seems to happen in the blink of an eye...

All parents have this feeling. They look down at their children no matter how old they are and think about what it was like to hold them as a baby. I am so blessed to have children & I love to watch them play, grow, learn & mature. they are growing up so quickly, as my mother reminded me in 9 more years my son will be a legal adult! sometimes throughout those 9 years it's seemed like the nights were endless & miserable in the sleeplessnes & illness but today I look back at all of those memories of my little baby boys & girl and I can't help but get
the feeling when my children are all grown up - I will want for one more sleepless night with them in my bed.

Is it so wrong to look back and long for the days when the only thing in the world they needed was you? It makes me feel so old. I know older parents (my own included) will laugh at me considering that I can't possibly appreciate the depth of the feelings I am describing until I am able to see through their eyes. When I watch my chidren turn into parents themselves and experience all the things I am going through now. I will say i appreciate my parents so much more now that i have been a parent for almost a decade.

My mind and heart are both filled with memories of my first born son today and how quickly he's gone from diapers to battling me about what sports he prefers to play.... memories of reading him the same 4 page board book every day several times for months & seeing him now read chapter book at night before bed. I love you, my babies, that is what you will always be in my heart no matter now Big you get. I wish you the best childhood of your life- I can only pray I give you everything God allows :-)


Blogger Scott L Howell said...

Great post! :)

7:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This was a truly beautiful post, Amber!

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