Tuesday, February 13, 2007

to love like Glitter

My little girl LOVES Glitter! you can find it stuck to the bottom of the drawers in my bathroom & even dried on her toy shelf. I have a tube of body glitter left over from college, She adores to get her little hands into it…. she wants to put it all over her face and anywhere she can make herself sparkle. One day she squirted the glitter gel all over the bathroom tile & hallway carpet. I am still finding it ingrained deep in the fibers & crevices.

Glitter reminds me of my childhood when I would use the tiny, shiny material for crafting Valentine's cards with my little hands. “You can have piles of red and pink construction paper hearts, doilies, markers, feathers, sequins and lace trim...but nothing says Valentine's Day like great globs of glue glummed up with glitter. Sprinkled or poured from little canisters, there's instant satisfaction in watching your Valentine take on texture, color and sparkle.” “But there's imperfection inherent in crafting with glitter. Poured too extravagantly, some might not catch the glue. Excess glitter is hard to recapture, even harder to vacuum out of carpet. Too much glue takes ages to dry, and too much glitter will fall off projects if handled too roughly. February glitter can lodge itself into dark backpack crevices, and reappear in May. And sometimes the artist can wear the art when stray glitter affixes itself to a cheek or a sweater.”
No matter how glitter is dispensed, its appeal lies in its beauty as it catches the light.
My daughter recognizes this beauty and use glitter with wild abandon, never once giving thought to glitter's untidy qualities. I am learning to revel in the messiness of this beauty and I will delight in watching her love for glitter morph into glitter nail polish and glitter make-up all too soon. I plan to become like glitter myself. I wish to shake out my love on my kids like glitter. I want my love to stick in big clumps on them, and I want them to find it years later. I want my love to bring a smile to their faces because of its beauty, and I want it to add color and richness to their lives... no matter how messy it will get. I pray that my children will be so full of my love that it bubbles over into every part of their life.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

too funny!

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