Sunday, July 31, 2005

This weekend has been pretty boring, I was really looking forward to doing something fun w/o the kids…but it just didn’t happen…Friday was ok, don, stoner and played Rook and Sequence…Don worked Saturday morning till 3 and came home tired.
Don went w/ Stoner and Ryan and maybe Steve up to the Devil’s Marble yard area to camp and today they are going to float on the James. I was really looking forward to joining them, but Don didn’t want to hassle having to pick up the kids, since it looked like it was only going to be him and stoner. The weather has been rainy as well, so i stayed home with the kids. I am disappointed that more people would not commit to going camping (and decided to do other things) cause if more people had gone, I would have been able to go. i really need for Don and I to be on the same page about things -- When we are not it really causes a space between us...I think that if we didnt have that space we would both be happier.
I watched part of CMT’s Duke’s of Hazzard marathon and a movie Spanglish.
Today, the kids and I went to church and shopping at Wal-mart…so that’s my weekend… only 3 left till school starts and Don is working Saturdays in Aug…so I guess we won’t be going to the beach this summer.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Today I committed to going back to LU. I'm happy about it, but now i have to pray that I can find someone to watch my kids.
so now i'm down to only a month before classes start....This summer has been pretty great... not a lot to worry about. A friend reminded me how great it was to be a young teenager. I wish all kids knew how easy it is to not have to be 100% responsible. ah -- to be able to go back w/ the knowledge i have now...I do wonder what I would actually do differently.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

A 1st

For the 1st time, on Friday night Don took care of both children for the night, while I went away to Smith Mountain Lake with some women from TBC’s MOPs (mother’s of preschoolers) leadership group. We basically made and organized all of the year’s plans. They are very organized and structured ladies. They are also ambitious- and desire to help others- I like that. It was nice to get away for one night and do something different, with women who are Christians and understand what it’s like to have little ones. It was fun to listen to the conversations about husbands and all the funny things that happen in everyday family life.
On Saturday the men and kids met us at the lake house for a cookout and swimming. As well as a boat and sea-do rides. We all had fun. Tonight Don is back with his buddies… but I appreciated the break!
All week TBC is having a mission conference I am going to try to attend. I like to hear what missionaries are doing around the world. I would put up pics from the weekend, but our printer/card reader is down –so sad : (

Thursday, July 21, 2005

spending time w/ friends

Last night we went to a Hillcats baseball game w/ ryan, tommy. Liz was there w/ some guys from LU and Brandon and Christy came too. The games was really lame (they lost), I have never seen so many homeruns in one game…but like ryan says, “it’s not about the game; it’s about the social!” it was better than sitting around at home.
Friday I am going w/ some women from my church MOPs group for a lake retreat. I’m really not comfortable about it – but I think it’ll all work out. We are supposed to plan all the activities for the fall. Then the hubbys and kiddos are going to meet us on Saturday for a cookout and swimming at the lake. I just pray I will be able to provide some help and not just be there.
This Saturday the guys are planning to go camping…I cannot go w/ them cause I gotta stay home w/ the kids... but I think it will be good cause lately it seems Don is irritated that I spend so much time w/ his friends … he hasn’t been able to escape me. Hopefully this will refresh him.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

SMILEY! Posted by Picasa
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getting high on exercise

I think I am addicted to the endorphins i get while i workout. The days i run I just feel so much better and happier.
"Is exercise an addiction? According to most research the answer is a resounding yes! Research suggests that those who pursue intense, high-endurance sports, such as running, cycling and swimming, exert intensive stress on their bodies. In response to this stress they produce addictive substances called Beta-endorphins."

Sunday, July 17, 2005

I know that the Lord knows exactly what i need at the right time.
It's wonderful to have that assurance! Although I am still concerned that i might not find a sitter for my kids so i can continue school, or the $ for that matter. I know it will all work out; cause He's in control.
it's great to have friends that remind me of that.
this weekend went by quick. On the fun side, We played Monopoly on saturday night with some friends, and I learned that you have to watch for people to land on your space in order to collect the rent$ they owe you. I have to say I do not like this rule. I am much too distracted a person to watch every piece of property I own to see if there are squaters.
I also say video at church brought back from Iraq and Afgan taken by a chaplain in the Army. It was great to see rare positive images from the middle East. these mainly stating that the people of Afganistan appreciate our U.S. troops for liberating and freeing the country. It was good to see the local children with smiles on their faces as they played with the soldiers. Such stark contract to the media we see on the news everyday.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Sometimes my partner in life is confusing to me. He tends to not discuss what is no his mind as often as i would like-- or perfer. But then he can surprise me. He has always wanted to stay here.. forever- it seems. I don't particularly perfer here-- but I like the friends we have and want to finish school. So here will do. He has changed jobs and seems to like it -OK - but then he expresses that there are things he doesn't like and he wants to got to an interview for a job out of state. I'm very confused... I thought all he ever wanted was a local job w/ normal hours. so we can stay here and have friends & his family close by. I'm always up for the new, so i suppose i'm ok with it-- but then I do feel like i'm just settling in and don't want things to change.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

here is some of the work that needs repaired Posted by Picasa
this is a house we might buyand fix up Posted by Picasa

Sunday, July 10, 2005


This weekend, I took the kids with Mary & the 3 kids to museums in Roanoke. Then we helped Sarah S. with a Scavanger hunt... it was a great idea, but didn't turn out as well as planned. Me and the kids have been swimming several times this last week. It really helps to pass the time , during the hot afternoons. during the evenings Liz and a friend have been playing cards with everyone.
Me and the kids helped out with a scavanger hunt. this is them waiting for the game to begin.  Posted by Picasa
Liz & Amber  Posted by Picasa

Saturday, July 02, 2005

HAPPY INDEPENDANCE DAY everyone!!! Posted by Picasa
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